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Rebecca's Music Room

Music that inspires

Teaching Voice, Piano, Violin, Songwriting and Guitar

Rebecca's Music Room: Welcome

Who Rebecca is

For Rebecca Barritt, the only constant in life has been a passion for music. She began writing songs when she was 6 years old and never stopped, most recently fronting the Victoria-based band Phantom Thieves. As a songwriter, Rebecca is fiercely honest and defiantly vulnerable – never shying away from the beauty, complexities, and hidden fears that come with being alive.

Rebecca has been offering music lessons since 2010. Her warm passion for music – and for people – shines through in her work with her students. She connects with each student to discover their reasons for wanting to learn music. Whether they are beginning with the basics or reaching for new levels of artistry, Rebecca works to help students find their way towards the soulfulness and self-expression that music promises at its best. 

To register for lessons with Rebecca you can contact her through the contact page.

Rebecca's Music Room: About Me

Music Lessons with Rebecca

You cannot use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. - Maya Angelou

Rebecca's Music Room: Welcome

Services Rebecca Provides

Whether at your home, remotely or in Rebecca's Music Room Rebecca offers lessons in Voice, Guitar, Piano, Violin and Songwriting.

Remote Lessons

Learn from anywhere

Rebecca knows the importance of convenience and getting things done efficiently and in a setting that you are comfortable with. If you have access to internet Rebecca is now offering lessons via Skype, Facetime, Zoom, WhatsApp or any video platform that works best for you. She offers remote lessons to anywhere in the world and can do these as private music lessons or in a group.

Yellow Flowers and Laptop
Best Friends Chatting

Group Lessons

Learn with a friend

Sometimes learning on your own can be daunting and you need some support or perhaps you know yourself and it is motivation you need to keep you on track. Whether you are wanting to learn with a friend, son, daughter or other family member, Rebecca will help each of you work together to accomplish the goals you have.

Private Music Lessons

Guitar, Piano, Voice, Violin and Songwriting

Rebecca plays and teaches a variety of instruments. Her approach to each instrument and student varies depending on the goals and learning style of each individual. Whether you have never picked up an instrument before, or have had some experience and want to learn to write songs Rebecca's passion is to help you get to wherever you need to go with your music. Come visit Rebecca in her music room and start your musical path!

Piano Lesson

Group Classes

Running in 8 week intervals

Rebecca will be running the following group classes:
Music Class for Tots (Ages 1-4)

Songwriting Class (All ages, basic music skills recommended but not mandatory)

Beginner Guitar Class (All ages, no experience necessary)

Beginner Chording Class (Remote lessons only, all ages, no experience necessary)

Music Lessons in Your Own Home

Let me come to you!

If you prefer me to come to you depending on your location I can usually make that happen! Contact me directly for scheduling and availability.

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Year End Concert and Recording

Your chance to show off your new skills!

Rebecca believes learning about music performance is a vital skill to any instrument you are training in. At the end of each school year Rebecca will give you the option of performing in the year end concert. It is a great opportunity to really work on the details of your work.

Recording is another great way to really hone in on your work. It is also a great way to keep a record of your achievements! Rebecca will help prepare you for recording day, organize the session, and be there to coach you through the process. Recording studio and costs will vary.

Rebecca's Music Room: Lessons


Rates subject to change
5% GST will be added and is not included in pricing below
Please give me 24 hours notice before cancelling a lesson otherwise you will be charged for the lesson
Fall Term:  September - December
Spring Term: January - June
Summer Term: July - August

  • Private lessons remote or in Rebecca's Music Room         
                                 1 hour = $59.00
                          45 minutes = $44.00
                          30 minutes = $34.00

  • Private lessons in your home
                                  1 hour = $74.00
                           45 minutes = $59.00
                           30 minutes = $49.00

  • Group lessons remote or in Rebecca's Music Room (price per student, 2-4 students at a time)
                                  1 hour = $55.00
                           45 minutes = $39.00
                           30 minutes = $29.00

  • Group Lessons in your home
                                   1 hour = $69.00
                            45 minutes = $54.00
                           30 minutes  = $44.00

  • Group Classes
    Pricing varies and will be announced when class opens up for registration - check back regularly for updates!

Rebecca's Music Room: About

A bit about Rebecca's music

Rebecca's Projects

Rebecca's current band is r.mason. r.mason recently released their EP, 'rains too loud for t.v.' in January 2022. Follow r.mason on Instagram @r.masonmusic for more release updates and shows announcements. 'rains too loud for t.v.' can be found on all streaming serviced and videos can be found on YouTube.

Before Rebecca was with r.mason, she recorded her first EP at Oak Recording Studio in Toronto, Ont. 
Rebecca then fronted Victoria band Phantom Thieves. An electronic take on folk, jazz and rock - whatever that means! Have a listen yourself to Phantom Thieves' only short album, Nashville Sessions recorded at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN. Nashville Sessions can be found on Apple Music and Spotify.


Rebecca black and white HiREs.jpg

r.mason - painted

Rebecca Booth2.JPG

r.mason - things i say

Rebecca's Music Room: Projects
Flowers on a balcony

"Rebecca, thank you so much for helping me go farther with my guitar playing in the last month. My sound has improved rather drastically, I'd say and that makes me full of gratitude and joy. Keep Teaching!"


"Thank you so much for being my music teacher for half a decade! You have made music so much fun for me and I plan on continuing with it for as long as I can..." - Elise

"Thank you for having fun with me every Thursday! I always look forward to it!" - Zoe

"Thank you so much for being a great violin teacher! I learnt lots of  new pieces and especially teaching me violin! I've really enjoyed all the classes we've spent together! Thanks" - Sadie

"Thank you for teaching me wonderful things this year!"


"I love you. You are the best piano teacher in the world!"


"Thank you so much for all your hard work this year. We really love seeing you every Saturday."

-Katie, Julia, Paige

Notes from Rebecca's wonderful students over the years

Rebecca's Music Room: Testimonial

Contact Me

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Victoria, BC, Canada


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Rebecca's Music Room: Contact
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