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Top Tips for Practicing Music at Home

One of the hardest parts of learning a new instrument, is finding a consistent practicing schedule. Life is so busy it is easy to put it off once, then twice and before you know a whole week has gone by and you haven't picked up your guitar once! There are no shortcuts to learning an instrument, we all just have to put in the time. Here are a few tips to help you remember and stay motivated to practice:

1. Wrap it into another daily activity.

For example brushing your teeth at bed time. If it's time to brush your teeth, tack practicing onto the teeth brushing time. For kids I often say, 5 mins. Find 5 mins a day to get you started. Teeth brushing now takes 10 minutes. 5 minutes to brush, 5 minutes to practice before or after!

2. Be the teacher.

We all learn better when we teach what we practice! Get your child to teach you what they are learning each lesson. Teach your girlfriend what you are learning in piano lessons. That way they get free lessons and you get to implement your learning!

3. Timing

IF you decide you will only have time to practice once or twice this week, make sure the first or only practice is the day after or day of your lesson. This way the lesson is fresh in your mind. Often, if you practice the day after your lesson, you will be more motivated to practice more that week.

4. Performance and small goals

Finally, the best way to get those practices in, is to have something to prepare for. If we want to do a good job performing, we will put more time into practicing. Always have something you are working towards - a recording, a performance or even a test.

Happy Practicing!

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