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Sick - but you'll never get the full story

Last year about this time (April 2019), I found out I was pregnant. My husband and I had just started working our way out of a very dark time in our relationship and we were now faced with a new challenge - a baby. I gave myself a 3 month timeline to decide whether or not we wanted to go ahead with parenting a second child regardless of where our relationship went. After my 3 month cutoff, I decided there was no way I could give up my own baby. I now empathize much more with any person faced with such a choice. I'll tell you the same thing I told myself, whatever way you chose, don't look back on your decision, it is the right one, because you are the only one who could possibly have known which way to go. You are the only one who knows the full story. But more on that controversial subject another time...And in case you don't know me, my little boy has now been born and he has become the missing link to my happiness. He has brought an incredible mount of giggles and joy to our little home.

All this long winded intro is a build up to me trying to tell you I have finally carried on with my own musical venture. I had planned to begin recording a new album in the Summer of 2019. I had the material (full of romantic meanderings based on a year of relationship upheaval and further despairing melodies from an upbringing full of evangelical brainwashing), but was still on the hunt for a studio and a couple missing band members. My first experience recording anything simulating an album was in 2012. I had a studio booked and travel plans to Toronto scheduled and found out I was pregnant with my first child. 7 days in a small studio in Toronto and being sick as hell from morning sickness donned the production with a serious lack of feeling. That, mixed with my lack of experience gave the album 'My War' a 'safe' feel, as one friend still refers to it today. My second album was recorded in Nashville and I was so sick I could hardly speak. I decided the next one will not be full of morning sickness or voiceless vibes.

Turns out my plans of recording has to be put on hold again due to this, (arguably) our first world over crisis in 100 years - the Covid-19 Pandemic. I have been inspired by many a musical friend and hero doing their own version of a social distance music video - Sailcassidy, Marc Jenkins, Radiohead, Carmanah, Anneda Loup, and yes, even Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. I thought I would use this artistic energy and put together my first social distance music video and take you along for the ride. All you, likely 3-6 readers.

Below is the first piece of the puzzle. Just me and the keyboard in my office/slash music room singing a song I had written for the pending album. Be kind, this is unedited and includes a forlorn sigh at the beginning. A sigh that has my true inside shining through - hoping upon hope this is my last take...deep, I know.

The song is called Sick. I'll share more on the song later. Or maybe I won't. I'm a moody person, what can I say? I will if the mood strikes...later. For now, here is the start to my next little trip down a wild artist's map to trying to put into action yet another 'brilliant' idea. Let's see if this one day leads to an album.

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Apr 29, 2020

Well done. It is a very nice song. I cannot wait to hear more of your music. Take care,

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